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Hélène Vaillant


This week, for the first time, we are writing a post for Helene Vaillant from Willow Poetry.  This amazing prompt insisted on being written about!



Clear Sight by Willow Poetry



Time Again

Tommy waits, half hidden from the world

As he has done for a hundred years

The river runs calm behind him singing

Of the ache in his heart to be seen

Find a family to bring him into being

One special pair of eyes to see beyond time

Past the tree, that hides what will be

Tommy has been lost for too long

His face cannot be seen

His tears flow like the river ever onwards

Today, for a moment, the river stills its wandering

As Annie, picnicking with her family, spies Tommy

Her mother watches as she stands speaking to the tree

Gently, she asks why. ‘I am playing with my friend.’

Annie’s mother could see only the tree

Thinking her daughter had found an imaginary friend

She was happy to let it be.

As Annie said goodbye, she had a funny feeling

Five years old, she tried to tell her mother

that her wish for a brother would come true

Annie’s eyes were the ones Tommy had been waiting for

There will be no need for Tommy’s tears now

Climbing into her father’s car, Annie turned

to wave to her friend who was no longer there

Time would tell Annie’s wish…


7 thoughts on “Helene Vaillant ~ Willow Poetry # Clear Sight…

  1. The gift of children, their innocence to see beyond the physical eye, you wrote an incredible story of a spirit longing to belong. After many lives this little one will be cherished. Thank you so much for this enlightening poem Anita.

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