Problems pale into insignificance…



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Problems do seem pale into insignificance when seen from another viewpoint, don’t they?

I awoke this morning with the usual Monday feeling. Then I happened to watch some of the breakfast news on TV, not something I do very often as it usually depresses me. Today turned out to be worse than usual. It was far too early in the day for such worldwide confusion and I really wish I had been writing instead.

The human race seems to be doing it’s utmost to ruin everything it touches and I don’t understand it. It’s as if we don’t care and I am sure that most of us do. None of the people who are in charge (politicians and world leaders alike) seems to think logically anymore (if they ever did!)
People have said that we are ‘going to hell in a handcart’ but they are wrong. The vehicle we are travelling in has a supercharged engine and will get us there in no time at all!

Seen from space, our world is a really beautiful place. A stark contrast to the scenes of anger and poverty that most of us see every day.

We should be taking better care of our planet, as we wouldn’t dream of wrecking our own des res, now would we?
Enough of all that. I said that I shouldn’t watch the news, so now you know what happens when I do.

I have been working hard trying to finish PayBack, my next crime thriller, but not altogether sure I am doing it very well. I seem to have painted myself into a corner with the complicated plot. I am determined to finish it though, complicated or not. I just hope this current problem is not heralding the beginning of the end, brain-wise, I mean. Our cat is showing signs of dementia, so I hope it’s not catching!

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5 thoughts on “Problems pale into insignificance…

  1. I often think about how beautiful our planet looks from space. But then I realize, it doesn’t look like that. Not anymore. All those satellites must make it look like a junkyard. I feel like, in our quest to make things better, we (as a race) tend to mess up the things that we should be protecting. Modern advancements are great, and I’ve certainly benefitted from many of them, but there is a cost.

    Now that I thoroughly bummed you out, I hope your mood has improved since the morning news. Good luck on your plot problem!


  2. That’s why I seldom watch/read/listen to the ‘news’ either. It’s not ‘news’ its selected soundbites with an agenda. If there are things I want to know about I use the internet to find it. That way at least the only agenda I’m following is my own.
    About the plot hole … can you shoot someone? 🙂

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