#Writephoto ~ Watcher

Another #writephoto challenge from Sue Vincent…


Image by Sue Vincent


The Watcher

The Watcher stands high above the universe, watching all that has come to pass. He has done so for centuries, waiting to belong once more.

To find a way to end his punishment for loving someone who could never be his. He has watched his love enter new lives.

Reborn too many times, he cannot tell if she remembers him.

He would like to close his eyes and find oblivion.

His love has had many names. To the Watcher, she will always be his sweet Mary, their stolen moments too short.

The memory of his love for Mary, bittersweet.

He sheds a tear for what might have been and it lay frozen on his cheek.

If only he could make it fall, would he be set free?

Could he be reborn, find his Mary, to live the life that should have been?

The Watcher stands and waits as his love lives on…

by Anita


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