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You have heard that matter cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed.

It hangs around in one form or another.

Take me, for instance.

In the spirit world, we are constantly bombarded by thoughts from earth, so many with tears attached to them, so many prayers carrying heartache.

Why do you bother?

Your lifeline was decided from birth.

Praying, whinging and whining cannot change anything. You have to do it yourself, not on bended knees in some building made by a man called a church,

So please slow down on those thoughts that carry a wish, for you are planting seeds on concrete.

No matter how many times you water them by wishing, they will not grow.

All those good luck charms, holy relics, forget them, they are two a penny.

One good thought will push you on to a new line of destiny.

The right thought is like carrying a spare backpack. It will get you to where you want to be.

That one good thought was there all along, so watering it.

Remember, good luck is nothing more than cause and effect!

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