#Writephoto Thursday Photo Prompt: Summit

We thank Sue Vincent for yet another interesting #Writephoto Prompt.

This week the prompt is ‘Summit’




‘Summit’  Image by SCVincent


I have climbed many mountains in my lifetime and overcome, small victories won. Yet still, I search for that Holy Grail, that one missing piece of the puzzle.

Thing is, the shape of that missing piece keeps changing; the summit grows higher, further out of my reach. There are days when I give up only to be spurred on by a word, a smile from a stranger, someone offering to help carry my load.

When I sleep, my dreams take me all the way to the top. I am holding the missing piece of the puzzle. In my dream, I am reaching towards the table to place the missing piece.

I awake before knowing if it fits. My search goes on…

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