Absolutely the last snow picture, Honest!

The last few weeks have given most of us quite a lot of the white stuff, either gently layering and soon to melt away, or thundering great drifts of it, causing mayhem.

I love how the world looks when transformed into a magical land and have shared several beautiful photographs. But what I am about to show you takes some believing, I know I didn’t, at first!


can you see what has happened?


This snow is actually floating!

This , I thought, was totally unbelievable, and it stayed floating above my bonsai trees for two days. Every now and then, the wind would catch it and make it tremble and I expected it to fall at any minute.

I tried to see what held them up (for there are two of them) but have to assume they were caught in a web…

I’ll bet you didn’t know that snow could float!  I like to think it was magically floating, just for the hell of it!

4 thoughts on “Absolutely the last snow picture, Honest!

      • I can imagine. When we were kids we would stretch a thin piano wire across our street and put a snow ball on it so that it looked suspended in air. I can’t tell you how funny it was to have cars stop and the drivers get out to examine the ball. (they always looked around to see if the culprits were in sight.)

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