I’m Still at It!


(Part two of me trying to be productive!)

It took me all afternoon to track down the source image for the Scarlet Ribbon cover. I was just about to admit defeat and find a new image, when I had the idea to run through ALL my images again, only this time, set to a bigger size. I have no idea where this idea came from, but it worked. I soon find the image I wanted and realised why I hadn’t seen it before. I had originally enlarged a small section of the image, which is why I couldn’t see it in the smaller size.

I thought I would have another go at following KDP’s guidelines. I even downloaded a template to make their amazing one piece cover (back, front and spine) and started to upload my images. I managed the front and back with no trouble at all, but what was I supposed to do about the spine?

I watched their helpful video, but it fell short of any helpful advice.  This is my main gripe about most of these companies. They assume that we all have these remarkable computer skills. It never dawns on them that there are people like me out there who don’t know their backside from their elbow, and need a bit more help than the usual nudge.

Sadly, I had to abandon the KDP cover maker and return to Lulu.

In no time at all, I had created the perfect cover. Nothing got cropped, now the image was the right size, so I was happy…

Moving on to the Next Challenge

Someone had suggested that Triberr was a brilliant way to increase the traffic to our blog, so I high tailed it over there and booked ourselves in.

That turned out to be the easy bit!

Then I had to connect Triberr to our blog. Well, I tried, but whether it has or not is anyone’s guess. Again, none of these sites cater for the brainless, no help menus anywhere, so I appealed for some help. The jury is still out with this challenge, but it’s not looking good.

I know that nothing good ever comes easy, but why does everything have to be so complicated?

Here’s one I did earlier!

I have been meaning to remove one of our books from the exclusivity of KDP for a while now, as I am unconvinced it is any better there than anywhere else. So when Scarlet Ribbon approached renewal, I didn’t do it. I had heard good things about Draft to Digital, and wanted to try them out.  For once it was as simple as they said it would be, and The Scarlet Ribbon is now available at all these other book stores.

Now, either I read it wrong, or done something wrong, but so far I am slightly underwhelmed. More on this when I find out more!



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  2. I haven’t used Draft2Digital, but from my experience with Smashwords, it can take a few days for new books to be distributed to the various retailers. If a book hasn’t appeared everywhere it should in a week, I would think an appeal to D2Ds help people (with hope they’re actually helpful) would be in order. Once a book has been distributed, getting sales is another issue. 🙂

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