A New Experience

A Momma's View

So that’s it. A new kind of blogging experience. One that I have dreaded for so long. It’s the experience of not finding time to look after my blog. My “baby” in that sense. A baby that’s turning 3 very soon. And I feel bad.

Like a mother neglecting her child.

But then I neglect this child so I can actually spend more time with my real children.

I’m torn. I love blogging. I love writing my heart out. I love sharing my thoughts and rants and happy moments. I love reading what you put out there and your comments on my posts. I love visiting your blogs and new blogs and comment. But I simply can’t find time at the moment and it drives me crazy.

I need to come up with a new routine as the one I had clearly doesn’t work any longer. I’d like to be…

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