My Resolutions…


New Beginnings…


I have long thought that it was time I sorted out those parts of my office (and my life) that were getting out of control.

I am a compulsive hoarder, and hate to throw anything away as you never know when it could come in useful. Most of the time this is a good trait to have, for things have come in handy sometimes.

I have already made a start on my pictures library on the PC, as this was a serious mess. There was no system or organisation of any kind. What was I thinking of?

So when it is time to pack away the Christmas decorations, they will have to be ruthlessly sorted out too, as we buy new stuff every year but never seem to throw anything away.

We started out with one box and now there are three. There is absolutely no room for another box under the stairs, so something will have to go. It needs to be done, but I will hate it, for I know that at some time in the future, something I need will not be there.

For the want of a better word, downsizing has to be done sometimes with people and relationships too. But how can you hope to make any decisions about the people you have known for years? Throwing any of them away, figuratively speaking, will probably be the worst thing you have ever done, and may possibly haunt you for the rest of your life.

Knowing what to keep and what should be thrown away, is something I have never been any good at. The times I have had to empty the dustbin, trying to find something thrown away in error, not something you can do with a discarded relationship…

So this year will be one of streamlining my life and everything in it. That’s my goal, but whether I will be any better at this than anything else, remains to be seen.  I also need more space, more room to breathe, as 2016 was far too hectic and complicated for an old timer like me.

Time to grow old gracefully, I think!

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