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Cynthia Harrison

img_3337In two days I’m moving to Florida. I’m not packed, just sitting here writing this post in my pajamas. I’ve been sick and my throat is sore from coughing. Everything hurts and I’m out of energy. I lack enthusiasm. I need the sun and warmth of my southern home.

I told Al yesterday that I would like to sell our condo in Michigan and make Florida our permanent residence. He’s still working here in Michigan so we have to keep both houses for now, but I hope in a year or two, if we decide we want to spend part of the year in Michigan, it will be in Traverse City where my grandson lives.

That’s a lot of hope.

Then there’s North Korea. I’ve been worried about North Korea for a long time. Watching the news this morning I see that NK has now miniaturized their ballistic missile which if…

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3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Happy 2017 everyone 🙂 Much success too.

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