The Generation Gap is Alive and Kicking

Stevie Turner

I had the idea for this blog whilst sitting in our hotel’s restaurant on New Year’s Eve. A particular radio show was blasting through the speakers as we were trying to eat. Quite a few of the singers sounded like Minnie Mouse after a lungful of helium, and their songs sounded the same; aggressive girl-power overtones, warbling voices, and with indistinct lyrics; the sort of ‘music’ my granddaughters listen to. I’m all for girl power, but IMHO it would be best accentuated with lots of heavy rock chords. Sam came out with something that instantly reminded me of my mother’s reaction when I used to play my rock LP’s back in the 1970’s and she would compare them to her favourite big bands of the 1940’s, Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw:

“I can’t hear the words. What the hell are they singing about?”

I had no idea what the lyrics…

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