The Sunday Whirl~ Wordle 568 ~#Poetry ~ Her Face…

The map of her face 
Is something I carry in my mind
The softness of her cheek
The kiss that leaves me breathless
The lack of stillness when she is near
The vast silence when she has gone
Leaving hope like a flag, waiting for her return
Sparrows whispering in the hedgerows
Waiting, wondering 
when the music will begin again…


Dark Skies… #Poetry

Image by FotoXCapture from Pixabay

Under dark skies I hang
Nearer to earth, I
Dare to step where man has stood
Energy swirling, screaming, waiting
Reaching, wondering are we better
      than some of our parts?
Caring little for the answer
Under cover of darkness
Reaching out, mind
Running, searching for that silver smile
Every face grim, eyes dull
Nearer now to earth, I find 
the one true light of her eyes…


Last Night’s Dream… #Poetry

Image by Orange Fox from Pixabay

Last Night’s Dream

My youngest son ran off across the park
I thought he won’t go far
He crossed the bridge
Over a large pond, the water almost black
I am screaming now, Stop!
Too late, he falls in
With me a second behind him
I dive in, fully clothed, visibility poor
I could just make out
the form of a small body
Grabbing hold of an arm
Letting go swiftly, telling myself
Not that one, he’s dead
Grabbing a second floating arm
I pulled my son to the surface
I gave him my breath
Pushed against his heart
So limp in my arms but alive
Later I got to wondering
Did I save a soul from a different lifeline?
As my own son has never fallen in a pond
He is in his fifties now and doing well…

© anita dawes 2020