To Be… #Poetry

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

To hear a newborn baby cry
A toddler laughs with joy
The clash of stars above our heads
Whispered secrets from the universe
Those strange moments that enter our heads
Thoughts, we think we placed there
Later to find the gifts sent in disguise
Most welcome, please send more
The last book dictated by the invisible realm
Went to number one, I would like to do it again
I would love to hear the music of the spheres
Like a soft breeze that passes my ear
Leaving a smile on my face
That reads, I heard you…

To see the hurt on someone’s face
To feel the pain that lies between the ribs is a gift,
do you step up, hold out a helping hand
Or walk away?
When fate lies a stranger’s burden at your feet
Pick it up, carry that cross, as far as it needs
Your karma will feel the cleansing power of such an act
The more you do, the more you receive stain-free karma
If in doubt, check out the new and wonderful gifts
That enter your life when having helped when seen the need…

Speak in soft tones that hold love close
That soothes the brokenhearted
Stays the tears of a baby fighting sleep
Speak on fresh lined paper, to a pen pal far away
Words that are wanted, welcomed
Speak of adventures, stories from grandpas days
Speak of love as I lay in your arms
Words that keep me there for more years
Than beads on a rosary…

How do you learn to fly a plane?
To me, it seems out of reach
As does driving a car at 200 miles an hour
To ride a horse at 40 miles an hour at Ascot
My legs turn weak at the thought
Those that do, I believe, are gifted at birth
Or it could be written in their destiny
It could be that simple
There are those that do, and those who wish they could
I did pass my driving test first time
It’s the best thing I learned to do, until now
I check my thoughts before I let my mind speak
This saves a lot of aggro
I do that thing where you praise someone
To make them feel better
That’s a good one, it seems to work both ways
There are many things we can do
That don’t involve a plane or a horse
Little things that mean a lot…

Unspoken words tear at my mind
The thoughts of others, like flying arrows
Looking for a mark, a place to be acted upon
Beware the second-hand thoughts
that can change your destiny
Think twice before you act
You could be living a half-life, never knowing
Who or where the strange thoughts came from
Not recognising it as a usurper
We too readily accept that which enters our mind
Lucky is the man who knows his own…

© Anita Dawes 2021