Blackbird ~ Wordle 557 ~ #Poetry

Image by carabito from Pixabay

Blackbird, take me with you
High above the earth
Where I can search for a woman
Out of time, her ashes, 
windblown across the ocean
She has taken my heart
I need it back
I have one creed to live by 
That love survives
In a world where the meek tremble
It seems to me
Life with a broken heart is hard
I will find her in another’s eyes
She will live again
Love will mend a broken heart…


Two and Twenty… #Poetry #Acrostic

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Two and twenty blackbirds
Wings on fire
Ending life in a flurry
Never thinking twice
Turning back to the beginning
Your life on the line
Time sparks turning red
Wind blown life on embers
Enough to start again
Never turning back to see
Tiny new-borns flying free
Your life recounted making three
Tiny blackbird wings outspread
Wing and a prayer, nothing is ever truly dead
Over land and sea, you’ll see them fed…