A Sunday Walk…

I escaped from the house this morning!

There had been this bright light in the sky all morning, and I had been wondering what it was, so I slipped on my shoes and went for a walk. This wonderful light turned out to be the sun, and very welcome it was. Everything looked clean and shining as I toddled along, and it felt really good to be free from the house.

When I reached town, the first thing that caught my eye was this unusual graffiti on the wall outside Gregs. It reminded me of those ‘Bansky’ stencils that crop up all over the place, only this one was signed ‘HENDOG’ and wasn’t expertly done. Cute teddy bear though…

There were signs of activity here and there, so I think the Christmas lights will be going up soon.

That will mean another trip to town!

Happy Days are Coming!

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