Silent Sunday… Stormy Weather…

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

How has the weather been in your neck of the woods?

I wonder why they call it filthy weather when all hell breaks loose and the rain pours down?

After yesterday’s torrential downpour, we must be pretty clean by now… we were promised some colossal thunderstorms, but as usual, they have missed us. I sometimes wish we weren’t protected so much by the South Downs, as we really like a bit of thunder and lightning.

The weekend has been a bit of a mixed bag, work and health-wise, but I might have some exciting news to share tomorrow…

I hope the sun is smiling on all of you, and all is right with your world… XXX

23 thoughts on “Silent Sunday… Stormy Weather…

  1. lol – not sure I share your liking for thunder and storms! I’d be happy with a gentle rain between the hours of midnight and dawn. 😉
    By the way…who draws your avatars? They’re fabulous.

  2. Our bit of N E Wales usually seems to get but a side-swipe of someone else’s really bad weather. It just rained a lot in Wrexham on Saturday. Now we have sunshine and a calm.
    (Our drama was November 2021 when a storm knocked our power out for three days)

  3. Cats and dogs, Jaye! Unspeakable summer – apart from May and June, when it was gorgeous. Let’s hope for a sunny autumn! 😃

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