Monday… in a Muddle…

Image by Antonio López from Pixabay 

My mind is not in a good place this morning. Usually, on a Monday, I gather ideas and plan my week, but that hasn’t happened. I am trying to keep calm (sort off) while I wait for Thursday’s appointment to arrive, but on the inside, I feel a bit like the fellow in this morning’s image. Alone and lost in a strange situation that is beyond my control.

I hate not knowing my fate. I can cope with anything and have done on many an occasion, but this uncertainty drives me nuts.

I have tried everything, from housework… which failed miserably. Do I really care right now if the floor needs a wash?

Then writing… I struggled with it like a stranded fish, making me antsier. I can usually forget everything when I write!

By then, all I had left was twiddling my thumbs, driving the family nuts or knitting. An almost-finished sweater for my great-niece found its way onto my lap. I do a lot of thinking when I knit and have sorted out quite a few world-class problems that way.

I did manage a lot of knitting last night, but disappointingly, hardly any thinking occurred.

The only good thing at the moment is that my autopilot seems to be engaged, so routines are being followed after a fashion. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon that I wish I could cancel. I need new teeth, so I must turn up. The sun is shining today, although it is freezing out there, but the walk might do me good.

Thursday seems to be getting further away…

11 thoughts on “Monday… in a Muddle…

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  2. Sympathies to you in waiting for an appointment as important as this one is. That’s the trouble with Mondays, we are locked into the idea that ‘the week’ has started, and that is the automatic count down to an event. Something looming is bound to have a knock on effect.
    Wishing you all the best for Thursday.

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