Hiding the Cracks… #Kintsugi

After seeing the doctor yesterday, I am feeling so much better about many of my problems.

I had reservations about the appointment as it was to see a doctor I had not seen before, and I already felt a bit passed on if you know what I mean. There is not much continuation anywhere these days.

I recognised him immediately. He had retired years ago but hated retirement, and was back to dip his toes into the water. He was a brilliant doctor, kind, considerate and knowledgeable. I hoped he hadn’t changed.

He must have studied my case history before I arrived, as he didn’t have to glance at the computer screen at all. We talked, really talked, about all my health problems, making me feel cared for for the first time in ages. He agreed with some of my treatment, but not with others. The cardiologist, for example, was wrong to say I shouldn’t be feeling ill and breathless. He shouldn’t have stated that my advancing years would have a bearing on my treatment either. I am, however, expecting an appointment for a stress test to find out what my heart is up to, and he was pleased to hear that.

My waterworks have always been a problem, and nothing has ever helped. This time he did refer to the computer screen, as he had compiled a list of all the meds I had ever had over the years, including the results. He prescribed a totally new (for me) medication that he thought would help with my annoying on-going earache too.

The pain in my back is due to my kidney problem, so I am to get my blood checked.

My asthma seems to be under better control now, and my lungs are clear. All things considered, I feel as though I have just had a very thorough medical…

Considering I am a carer for my sister, Anita seems fitter than I do at the moment.

Her heart condition is under control and responding well to the medications. She has developed diabetes and has added to her long list of medications. We now share carer duties and the increasing family problems, and life is beginning to look better than it has in ages.

We are both like those lovely kintsugi bowls. Broken, yet lovingly repaired with precious care…

We would both like to thank all of you for your kind messages and support,

know that it means so much to us… XXX

24 thoughts on “Hiding the Cracks… #Kintsugi

  1. Congratulations, Anita! This sounds like a wonderful appointment with best results. Only doctors with empathy and long term experiences are able to give best diagnoses. You found the best again. Now you can calm down, and do a wonderful Sunday walk tomorrow. Best wishes, Michael

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  2. Finding a doctor who genuinely cares is so important. I remember that with mom. They can’t fix everything but if they can make you feel better by caring, that can make a huge difference. Wishing you both all the best. xo

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