Friday Follow Up…

There’s not much to follow up on this week, as it hasn’t been much of a week, to be honest.

Even with the increasing heat, we have tried to carry on as normal, but…

There’s always at least one but, isn’t there?

The biggest annoyance this week has been the way the internet is behaving lately. I blame the internet, for the want of something concrete to aim my wrath at, but in all fairness, I’m not sure what is happening, or who is doing it.

I seem to run into problems no matter what I try to do, these days. Quite reduces my joy in blogging, to be honest.

I have always enjoyed reading posts, making a point to share my thoughts, and liking and commenting where necessary. These days most of the like buttons I press don’t work and any comments I make are not accepted, so the poor recipient cannot appreciate my visit. Needless to say, this is most annoying.

Anyway, enough of the moaning.

Work is going well with the WIP, Ghost of a Chance. The end is in sight, just visible behind a mountain of loose ends.

We have a new cover for The Scarlet Ribbon and will be promoting it next week.

New Cover

We shall be taking part in #Six on Saturday tomorrow, as everything is growing like crazy at the moment.

See you then, and stay cool…


14 thoughts on “Friday Follow Up…

  1. Yes I’m having WordPress problems too! Can’t comment or like sometimes . My suspicion is that it is the browser rather than WordPress – certainly the problems are far more common on my iPhone!

  2. I believe the internet can no more cope with hot weather than humans.
    For example the number of those vague, almost desperate ‘Something went wrong’ messages has certainly increased over the past couple of months.
    In the meanwhile, all the best with all your literary ventures.

  3. Me too, I can’t understand why on some blogs I comment without a problem, others I have to put in all my details and log in, but at least I get through… others I go through a rigmarole and it won’t let me in. Let’s see if this comment gets on..,

  4. Oooh. A new David Snow book. Congrats on getting it ready to go. And WordPress seems to be wonky here too. My likes seem to be unliking, and I can’t always tell if my comments are coming through either. Ugh. We soldier forth. Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool.

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