God V Lucifer… #Poetry


I wiped the night from my eyes

wondering about the conversation running in my mind


God was talking to Lucifer


‘I am coming to yours for that game of chess…’ he called to Lu

‘Mister G, you bring the beer, I’ll warm up the pizza oven…’

‘I’ll be right down. What shall we play for this time?

Do you need another tyrants head for your collection?’

‘That would depend on what you want if you win…’

‘I want them to find the truth about Atlantis

after you sank it. They have been looking long enough.’

‘Done, Mister G, one thing, dull down your ‘I know everything,

I have turned down the heat.’

‘I noticed, Lu. Good of you. No making up the rules as you go,

like the last time. That trick about the minotaur.’

‘You make it sound as if I have no rights about the losses you caused me…’

‘Like the islands I took the time and trouble to make

Not easy getting volcanoes to erupt.’

‘Before we start, you haven’t said what you want if you win, not that you will.’

‘Now, that’s fighting talk. I am thinking of creating a new myth.

They haven’t had one for quite some time.

You could spread the rumours for me, plant the seeds.

It might be a bit dark, right up your alley.’

‘Done,’ he said. ‘Next time, I’ll come to yours.

It will be good to visit home again for a while…’




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