WIP Wednesday…

Where is my walk in the park?

There have been days in the last six months when I have had trouble doing anything writing-related. Days when I rely on autopilot to get me through the day.

What with all the worry about my sister’s health, my primary job as a carer has pretty much removed all hopes of my writing anything. Consequently, the current WIP, Ghost of a Chance, has become static. On a good day, I sit and look at it, hoping inspiration or something similar will turn up, but then duty or a problem calls, and I must walk away again.

Stubborn is as stubborn does though, and I have a new plan.

Ghost of a Chance has become a complicated mess with storyline plot holes big enough to swallow my desk and only two-thirds finished. I have realised that to keep writing, hoping it will make better sense as I go on, would be disastrous, eventually making the problem worse.

So, and I’m getting quite fond of that word, I have a new plan.

I have created a blank storyboard for all my characters, and I am slowly reading each chapter and placing them in what I hope will be the right places. This system should highlight the missing parts too, I hope.

Now I am no longer concentrating on the concluding chapters, I think I will be able to sort everything out, thereby making finishing it a real walk in the park. (Or at least something similar!)

Anita is home from the hospital, but far from well. We are taking good care of her and hoping for the best. And good news in two weeks at her check-up would be lovely too…

20 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday…

  1. I have been thinking about you both since reading of Anita’s health. From my own experiences being home from hospital is only part of the situation and you both have my very best wishes for the times ahead.
    So many issues can distract from writing, sometimes its a wonder any of us who are not full time professional (and well-reimbursed) writers produce anything. You have a very solid plan there. My only true computer skill is Copy & Paste, sometimes whole chapters have thus been relocated.
    Again best wishes to you both.


  2. Oh, Jaye, I am so sorry Anita has been so sick. I pray for a swift and complete recovery. I love your idea about taking the WIP chapter by chapter and rearranging them on a storyboard. Best wishes to you and healing prayers for Anita!


  3. Ah, Jaye… I know all too well how stress and/or sadness of any kind drains my ability to write. I really feel for you. Your new approach is a brilliant plan. I did something similar with “Atonement, Tennessee” way back then. It turned out to be the “easiest” to finish. But that didn’t keep the same problem with stress sapping the novel writing ability from happening again. And again.
    Sending love and prayers to you and Anita. Hugs on the wing!


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