Fandango’s Story Starter… #FSS #Fiction

Fandango’s Story Starter #27

I realised when I got home that I had accidentally…

…left the back door open.

I found a family of five had taken up residence in my home, plus a small dog was jumping at my leg.

Trying to shake it from my trouser leg, looking at it, my thoughts were unkind. No more than a rat with fur.

Finally, the woman took hold of the dog. ‘I am so sorry, we only meant to shelter for an hour or two. We are trying to get to London by Friday. If we make it, we get the keys to our own home. The thing is, we have to be first in line…’

Three children sat quiet, and the man I presumed to be the husband and father, apologised for the intrusion. ‘Their legs you see, small, they tire…’

I listened to their full story, sad indeed. My heart moved; I took them to their destination. They would be first in line, or my name isn’t Nicholas…

© AnitaDawes2022

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