#BlogBattle ~ Merge ~ #Poetry

December #BlogBattle: Merge

Carrie doesn’t live here anymore
I walk from room to room
The air that wrapped her, touches me
Echoing past time
The cushion on her chair sags with age
Pointing at me, accusingly. screaming
Why doesn’t Carrie live here anymore?
I melt into the wallpaper
Old, musty, dry walls
I feel the weight of age
I see the room through faded colours
Tears held by fading flowers
Paper peeling like old skin
I feel like a ticking clock without the tick
Worn out by time, the hands stuck 
At ten past twelve
I see it on the mantelpiece
The fire long cold, 
as Carrie doesn’t live here anymore
A cold breeze rolled the walls
That’s when I realised, I no longer live here…

© AnitaDawes 2021

4 thoughts on “#BlogBattle ~ Merge ~ #Poetry

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  2. Wow, that opening line is a throat grabber! The whole theme of Distress is carried through, and I even liked how the ‘Tears’ held by fading flowers could mean both those that stream from your eyes or rips in the paper. And then the last line was another punch … one of my favorites!

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