Outside… #Poetry

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

When I leave the house,
I step over the crack in the pavement.
One of these days I will fall through to the Netherworld
Not like Alice. Mine would be a nightmare
At times I hear it tapping on my window
I hear the glass cracking like ice cubes
It is trying to enter my home,
fed up with my stepping over the crack
It is luring me in through dreams, nightmares
I fall through a dark cold tunnel
Voice’s echo, screams as I fall
No thump at the end, a soft floating feeling
Hands pulling me every which way
I wake with teeth mark high on my arms
Where I cannot reach
I know that something waits for me outside my front door
For now, I step over the crack…

© Anita Dawes 2021

2 thoughts on “Outside… #Poetry

  1. Is this only a nightmare, Anita?
    Try to get a good night sleep,
    It’s going to be okay tomorrow,
    Nothing’s waiting for you outside,
    There are only beautiful sunshine,
    outside your front door, my Dear.

    DTQT. 07/05/2021.


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