Jaye’s Week…

This year, we are determined to put our writing house in order and try to do something new and vastly different.


We haven’t done this before, mainly because we couldn’t afford to, plus the not so small matter of not understanding the best way to do it.

But I have been reading up on the various ways of advertising, beginning with Amazon. Along the way, we have discovered so many things that should be in place before we even think of advertising!

  • Book covers must be brilliant and look professional.
  • Blurbs must be brilliant too, carefully worded to grab potential readers attention.
  • Content must be edited to within an inch of its life, and you need more than a working knowledge of keywords.
  • All books must be thoroughly and expertly edited!

I checked all our covers last week, and at least two need an upgrade. Bet you can guess which ones!

If you can’t afford to have your covers made by an expert, it can be challenging to come up with a keeper, but I am determined to try.

Blurbs have always been anathema for me, I try my best but cannot come up with anything I am happy with. At this rate, we will never get around to advertising!

I am determined to re-edit all our books and have enlisted the paid version of Grammarly for the job. Worth every penny, by the way, it finds all the errors in an efficient and friendly manner. I am always shocked to discover just how many!

All of this means I am neglecting the current WIP, but determination is calling the shots, and Anita is stepping up with posts of her own. Follow up posts will be posted on our progress and as many of the delights of advertising/marketing that I manage to discover!

Of course, we welcome any helpful comments on this subject…

Found these gorgeous flowers tucked away in a corner of our jungle!

4 thoughts on “Jaye’s Week…

  1. Good for you to try this new venture. I admit I’m too lazy to learn about how to advertise effectively, and I personally dislike ads of any sort, so tell myself it’s hypocritical to inflict them on others. But I’ll follow your adventures!
    That lovely plant looks like a Pulmonaria.


  2. What a fabulous find. Oh the colours….Beautiful!
    If you find any easy routes to advertising, do let me know. Sally Cronin (Smorgasbord) is a wonderful, on line friend, totally helpful and generous with her time. Having experienced ‘main-stream publishing’ which was without fault in my experience, there is no comparison with what’s on offer today. Unless you are very lucky and spend money…(always the rub when money is in short supply!) There seems to be a fine line between becoming known and people becoming sick of your name. The very best of luck to you. xx. .

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