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Thursday photo prompt: Appointed #writephoto

This week’s prompt ~ Appointed

For visually challenged writers, the image shows the black silhouette of a crow perched atop a blackened and dead-looking tree. In the background the sky is blue and the trees are decked in the full green leaf of summer…

Worry is a terrible thing, it steals the quality of life from right under your nose, reducing your world into a place of doom and gloom. We have been sitting on a massive worry these past six months and have refused to start the new year until we had good news.

I have desperately tried to keep everything normal, finish my WIP and keep the website going, but have to admit it was a poor imitation of the real thing, and I apologise for that.

I have not been sharing much of this with our friends and followers and this may seem strange after all your incredible support when Anita had that massive heart attack in 2020. Your love and good wishes pulled us through that terrible time, but when disaster struck again last year, it seemed far more serious, and we really felt that talking about it might make it worse.

Anita’s heart is still severely damaged, and despite having two stents and a pacemaker fitted, it only barely functions. When a series of lumps started to appear around her neck last year, the alarm bells started ringing again.

Because of the raging virus and all the hospital delays, it took months to have the lumps investigated. The consultant mentioned cancer and after deliberation, they finally decided to remove part of her thyroid. Surgery was a problem as they didn’t think her heart was strong enough, but they said that delaying it was not an option.

A nightmare time for all the family, especially Anita for she can’t abide hospitals at the best of times. My sister has never been ill and to be struck down by two life threatening illnesses almost at the same time seems very unfair. She made it through the surgery without incident, but we had to wait two agonising weeks to get the results of the tests.

By this time, we were all terrified and sick with worry, dreading the news.

The day of the appointment, I felt sick to my stomach but somehow kept a smile on my face. I think I held my breath when she was called into the consultants office, but five minutes later the door opened and she rushed out of the room, a massive smile on her face. We watched in amazement as she ran out of the ENT department to a standing ovation from the nurses.

By this time, we knew the news must be good, but I wanted to know how good. Just before we all reached the lifts, I caught her arm and made her stop walking. ‘Well,’, I said and waited.

She stood there and laughed at me, and I didn’t think she was going to say anything.

‘THERE IS NO CANCER,’ she shouted.

All the way home in the car, she kept saying those words, and her relief was wonderful to see. Despite the odds, her poor old ticker had survived the surgery and she was cancer free.

But four days later, we had to rush back to the hospital, as Anita was having trouble breathing. She is now back home, but it seems that worrying isn’t going anywhere after all.

She is looking better, although still very weak and breathless much of the time. The list of her medications grows ever longer, but … and you may have noticed this, none of what happened has stopped her writing her poetry.

Now all I have to do, is get my own head back together!

It was my habit to take a short cut through the woods on my way back from the shops, as it always seemed quicker that way.

It was also a much better walk, with the sunlight filtering through the branches and the dark green shadows beneath the trees.

I thought it a magical place, and once saw my first green woodpecker there. I often wished there were a bench as I would have liked to stay awhile and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

That day though, it turned out to be the wrong place to be.

I had barely reached the first tree when the strong flapping of wings somewhere above my head, stopped me from walking any further.

The sound of flapping wings became louder as several large black birds swooped down and attacked me. Disorientated, confused and more than a little scared, I waited for them to leave. I had no idea then what they were, but now I’m sure they were ravens.

When the first set of claws raked through my hair, instinct made me start running. Not easy to do, as they were all around me, clearly upset by my presence. I was in the middle of a nightmare, with no idea of what I had done to make these birds so angry.

Once clear of the woods, the ravens stopped attacking me and returned to the clearing beneath the trees. I stood still to catch my breath and watched them, wondering why they had behaved like that.

Most of the birds returned to the trees, still shouting the odds, but two of them seemed to be looking for something on the ground.

That when I saw what they were looking for.

A baby raven was hopping about in the undergrowth, struggling to fly, and failing miserably. I knew the parents of this baby would stay with him until he managed to take off, feeding and encouraging him, the rest of the flock on guard duty.

This was the reason I had been attacked, and suddenly, I wasn’t scared any more…

© Jaye Marie 2021

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