Somewhere… #Poetry

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I need to get back there,
I have forgotten where.
Yet I remember it.
The feelings, the sounds
The way the air felt.
Different from here
A cool edge with a warm centre
The smiles on people’s faces
Here, I cannot see them.
They vanish, like the body
Of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland
Is that what I am looking for, wonderland?
I think not.
Where smiles hang loose in the air
Like leaves fallen from a tree
Here, there are no smiles.
I must find them.
I must find somewhere,
A place I remember.
I need to get back there…

© Anita Dawes 2021

9 thoughts on “Somewhere… #Poetry

  1. I have lived in the past
    I do recall
    a face,
    a name,
    a house and
    a raging storm.

    I run through the storm
    in search of something.
    I’ve misplaced Priority
    perhaps a switch,
    which could have
    averted the storm.

    I run after my heart’s desires
    act on my beliefs.
    the goal post is placed
    inside a grave
    and I make it
    before the stipulated hour.

    Yes, there was a Life.
    I can’t recall
    who lived it.
    A shadow of my self
    not yet separated,
    but I can’t see it any more.

    I can feel the heat
    beneath my feet
    And I still run
    In search of a life
    that I have forgotten
    in some place unknown.

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