The Update I never wanted to post…

This is the most upsetting post I have ever written, but you have all been so kind and supportive of Anita, I knew I had to tell you what’s been happening and ask for even more thoughts and prayers…

Waiting and worrying was bad enough, but when Anita began to show signs of distress, we were thrown into a very different ball game.

She kept insisting she was fine, but late on Saturday night her breathing became seriously laboured and alarm bells were ringing loud and clear. We managed to persuade her to go back to the hospital as we thought she was having another heart attack.

On the way there, she deteriorated rapidly, moaning in pain, and gasping for breath, causing Stephen (number one son) to drive like a boy racer and run at least one red light, as we knew every minute counted.

Just the mention of a heart attack set the well-oiled wheels of the emergency department in motion, leaving me and Stephen standing outside the hospital, barely holding back the tears.

That’s when it became serious.

Within minutes, a nurse came out to us to say oxygen was being administered and a full barrage of tests had begun. Anita’s blood pressure was so low it was on the floor and there was fluid in her lungs again. Her heart was failing and she had been put on life support.

Last time we were here, just 10 weeks ago, we were not allowed inside the hospital and had to wait in the car. This time, however, we were taken to the relative’s lounge, causing weird alarm signals to us both. Were they just being kind now that lockdown was easing, or was there a more sinister reason?

An hour later, the on-call consultant came to update us, and he didn’t mince his words. He said that Anita’s heart was failing, and she was extremely poorly and that we had brought her in the nick of time. A few minutes more and she might have died.

He went on to talk about resuscitation, that due to Anita’s age and condition, resuscitation would not be in her best interest. He didn’t ask for our permission to do anything, but the message was clear, he didn’t expect Anita to make it.

After he left, we clung together and bawled like babies, desperately praying he was wrong.

We later found out that they had to cut Anita’s clothing away, such was the urgency, and this still makes me cry every time I think about it.


 sometime on Sunday, Anita began to rally, surprising the medical staff. They couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem, for all the tests were coming back normal but she wasn’t about to go anywhere! 

When we mentioned the recent MRI, we had the feeling they didn’t have any information about this. I wonder if they might have lost it.

Early on Monday, I picked up the phone to hear Anita’s voice! She had begged to use the hospital phone and it was beyond wonderful to hear her voice and she sounded so normal as she listed her requests. She was still in intensive care, so hardly normal, but she sounded great to me!

Tomorrow, they have a load more tests lined up, tests that they are confident will give them some important answers…

I was just going to post this when some welcome news turned up!

They have discovered a blood clot inside her heart, and her arteries are no longer clear. There will be further tests, including an angiogram tomorrow, which may result in the application of stents.  All this, although distressing, is proof that this time she won’t be coming home until fit for purpose!

As testament to her improving health, she is busy writing in her hospital bed, and we talk frequently on the phone about everything!

51 thoughts on “The Update I never wanted to post…

  1. Poor Anita, what she must be going through. My 92 year old mother-in-law had 2 stents fitted a few years ago and is still doing fine. I know many other people with stents who are thriving also. Hopefully Anita will improve too if she has this procedure.

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  2. Thanks so much for this difficult update, Jaye. Fingers crossed that with the tests and new information, the doctors can give Anita the care and treatment that she needs. My thoughts are with you all, and I’m sending love and heartfelt hugs. xxx 🙂

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  3. What an awful, frightening ordeal, Jaye! I’m so glad they have found the clot and are taking action. I hope and pray it will be exactly the turning point you’ve been waiting for. My thoughts are with ALL of you! Stay strong, and know Anita is the recipient of many, many prayers and healing thoughts. ❤

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  4. It is so scary she is going through this. I know it has to be horribly frightening for both of you. But I loved the positive change at the end of your post, and will continue to pray for the best. She has so many supporters who are pulling for her (and you)! Thank you for the update. I am so glad the tests revealed what is taking place. Now that they know the problem, I pray they can concentrate on making her well again. {{hugs}}

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  5. What a fright. Oh my gosh, my heart went out to Anita, to you, and her son. I feel all choked up. And thank you for ending with good news. Phew! Stents are pretty amazing little things! Here’s to wishing her a rapid rise to much better health. Thank goodness she has such loving, caring family and a son with a lead foot. 🙂 And no more “pretending she’s fine.” Yeesh. Give her my very best, Jaye. ❤

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  6. That was truly horrifying to read and a gazillion times worse to have lived through, I know … and how wonderful that the Summerlands are going to have to wait, yet again, for her to show up! I reckon she wants that 100th Birth Day letter from the Queen and no pesky blood clot is going to stop her!!!
    I wish you many restorative beverages, m’dear, and lots of deep breaths.This is truly excellent news! : )

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  7. My goodness! What a scary roller coaster ride for all of you. Thank goodness you got her to the hospital, and thank goodness Anita rallied. See, it isn’t her time yet. I am flooded with relief, Jaye. I send you and Anita my very best wishes.


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