#Wordle 397





I would like to try to sing in public for the first time.

To celebrate my birthday in the pub, a place I haven’t stepped into since my teens.

73 years old this year, on the fourth of April.

My husband used to throw his name in the hat and take his turn on stage. I hope I won’t be compromised by my ego. I sing around the house, but is it good enough for a pub full of family and strangers?

I think that despicable old devil might be sitting on my shoulder, pushing me to try something different.  What have I got to lose, apart from walking out red-faced?

I had my proof that day. Something strange wasn’t so bad after all. I left the pub to a round of applause…


8 thoughts on “#Wordle 397

  1. Hope you had a memorable 73rd birthday, Anita.(I’m sure your guests will remember it…..) Now, had that been me, they would have left before the end of the festivities, as my singing is like caterwauling. Really!
    Best wishes. x

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