My Visitor…


Another Visitor!

Ever since my mysterious visitor left me alone with my thoughts last week, I have been racking my brains, trying to place where I know him from and how to make workable sense out of his advice.

I have to tell you that not only am I none the wiser as to who he is, or whether he will come back, nothing has happened to my WIP either. To be fair, I haven’t been feeling well lately and I suspect my muse has gone and died on me. I don’t normally use this as an excuse, as I can usually plod on regardless…

But something else has been getting in the way.

The dizziness in my head has been bad, and at one point, I worried about having a stroke. Coupled with the news that my cholesterol level is trying to break all records, I ended up wondering if there was any point doing anything.

I have been having these dizzy days for a long time now, and they usually go away after a day or two, leaving me confused but back to normal. I was so glad when it finally stopped and my head cleared, that I found myself going through the WIP!

Stands back in amazement!

I have actually come up with a solution, one that should get things moving again. I am so near the end now, it would be a shame not to finish it. I have isolated all of my protagonist’s chapters and will work only on these until I have the ending wrapped up.

This idea occurred to me because the story of every character should be complete, with a beginning, middle and ending. If I can finish my antagonist’s story, making sure there are no gaps, holes or glaring mistakes, everyone else’s should fall into place around it. At least that’s the theory I have come up with.

I might be barking up the wrong tree, but there is nothing else in my head, so I will have to go with it if only to see what happens.

I have heard some weird ideas about other writers writing methods. Some start at the ending, others in the middle, so I’m hoping my idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Watch this space for further revelations and developments…

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4 thoughts on “My Visitor…

  1. Is your neck out of alignment? Often cause for dizziness.
    Walk on, into finishing your characters and on to the next project, feeling better for it to start the New Year.


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