#Blog Battle: Heart #Fiction





Mama read me this story when I was no bigger than a bean sprout. About a dragon who believed his heart was turning to stone.

It all happened a long time ago before he learned how to control his flame throwing abilities.

He burnt a village to the ground sp one of the village elders put a curse on the dragon, saying that within a year his heart would turn to stone.

A village girl felt sorry for the young dragon, telling herself that one day she would bring the dragon, who she named Blue, a new heart.

She searched high and low across lands that she had never been to before with no luck. Telling herself it was a stupid idea, she made her way home.

Tired and hungry, she sat down beside a slow running brook. That is where Mary from a nearby village found her. Mary had brought her washing basket and lunch and could see that the child was clearly upset and possibly hungry.

Gently she spoke, ‘Come now, nothing can be that bad…’

Alice told her story.

‘Your blue dragon sounds very beautiful. Dry your tears, you are making your sandwich wet. There is something you can do for your young dragon. Find him a safe place to live, are there any caves where you come from? Dragons love caves.’

Alice nodded her head. ‘I can find one near the top of the ridge. There is fresh water there too.’

‘Good,’ said Mary. ‘Do you think you are brave enough to try talking to your dragon, seeing as how he is a young’un, he will need help finding food. If you can do this, it seems to me the only thing he needs is your friendly heart to break the spell…’


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