#Poetry: Hot Air…




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Hot Air

My broken mind like scrambled eggs on toast

Nourishment to feed the broken parts of me?

My thoughts jumbled, heading for the nearest drain

There is nothing left to do, I am old.

Ready to walk through the back door

Leave this noisy world behind

No one left to remember I was ever here

A barren life, why am  I here in the first place?

Made from dust, the TV tells me

Programmes made to cheer you up

Back to dust, my end will not come soon enough

Whoever made us and put us on this planet

Might have been broken in the same way

He or she had too many things wrong.

I know there are some who would disagree

Go ahead, I won’t stop you

I won’t be here to tell you it’s all just words

Made from wind and air, they mean nothing…

©Anita Dawes

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