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I was watching my favourite programme the other day when everything went black. I knew instantly what had happened. Jaye was in the back garden, using the new hedge cutter.

Sure enough, she had cut right through the cable. Some things she has a definite knack for and this was not the first time she had plunged me into the dark, figuratively speaking!

Last time, when drilling a hole in the kitchen wall, she managed to black out the entire street!

This got me thinking. Where would we be without electricity?

Thank God for the wonderful minds that love to invent new things for us to play with. Televisions, phones, the cinema, computers. So many things to keep our minds stimulated and connecting us with all our friends across the globe.

Nowadays we have new genius’s trying to keep it all going, keeping us in touch with one another.

Long may it last…


Anita Dawes 2018

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