Reblogging, is it really a good idea?





We have been with WordPress for years now and always been happy with the facilities, once I had mastered them, of course!

Early last year, I had to upgrade our account in order to gain more media space. At the time, this seemed reasonable.

Imagine my surprise when it happened again yesterday. For a few minutes, I couldn’t believe we had run out of space again. Something had to be wrong.

I duly checked, only to discover it was true. If we wanted to use any more images, we would have to pay up.

When we first started blogging, I understood that this particular WordPress was free, but it wasn’t long before the costs crept in. First, it was the domain, then the first upgrade. We were still happy at that stage, for £30 a year isn’t much for a decent website.

This latest upgrade has shunted us up to nearly £70 a year, although to be fair it looks as though we are getting more for our money this time. I did wonder what it would lead to and why we seemed to have so many stored images, many of which were ones I hadn’t used?

It took me a while to understand why all these images were among our own, and that we were, in fact, paying for the privilege of having them on our site, by way of reblogging.

Now, we do a lot of reblogging. Sharing is something we have always done, right from the start. If I read something interesting or informative, I love to share it and spread the word. This is how the good stuff finds more people and can actually make the world a better place.

So, is it a good idea to reblog so much?

Will it be good enough to simply like and use the share buttons?

I have recently been reading about how you can reduce your image footprint by altering the size of your images, thereby not using so much of your valuable storage space. But what about other people’s images? We can hardly alter any of those.

If we do have to cut down on the reblogging, we will not stop sharing. But we would be interested to hear any feedback on this…

31 thoughts on “Reblogging, is it really a good idea?

  1. Jaye – check out these articles:
    Personally, I went through all my images and deleted all those unattached (to posts), then went through and resized all images, deleting those that didn’t show up in reblogs.
    Finally, I culled posts that were no longer relevant (out of date book promos, etc)
    I went from 95% full to 48% – so no need to upgrade or go premium for another four years.
    I now always check reblogged posts for unseen images (delete them) and resize images that are seen – they still stay full size in the posts, but take up a lot less space in my media
    Chris 😀

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  2. I have been pondering how we all use our media presence. I was late to WordPress, having not realised everyone else was on it and it is a great place to link up. I just use it for free to blog as I am already paying 1&1 to host my website. I’m not sure about Reblogging; we can all end up seeing the same blogs go round and round, but it is an excellent way to discover and be discovered. Any hobby costs money, so think of paying as a reasonable outlay if you are doing what you enjoy.

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  3. Re-blogging is a lovely idea, but none of it is your own content. Building a blog is about your own content.
    How about doing a weekly post and inserting links to the blog posts you enjoyed, others can click on the links if they are interested.
    Re-use one or two pics of your own making to make the post pleasing to the eye – job done.

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  4. I think liking and sharing blog posts via twitter, google etc is sometimes enough. Save the reblogs for those really special posts. I really like Rosie’s idea and have seen a few bloggers who post a weekly list of their favourite posts with links. It would certainly save you space and money!

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  5. I agree that sharing on social media is a great idea. I only reblog occasionally, but I share posts all of the time. That way my content stays fresh with my own work, but I am still helping others to share theirs. Another way would be to write a couple of sentences about the article or website you want to reblog, then just add a link to the article and not the whole post.

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      • To add links, you copy the link you want to use, then highlight the text you would like the link in. For example, if I wanted my book link: to go into the book title Ninja School Mum, I would copy the link, highlight the word (Ninja School Mum) and then click on the link picture in the top section, where all of your tools are to change text etc. Hover over the link button and it says add link. Click on this and paste the link into the http box. Click the checkbox, open in a new window and then click the save button. This will add the link to the text. It will also open a new window and not obscure your original post.

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  6. I’m not much of a reblog fan. I’d rather share my own thoughts on my site. But I’m a big believer in promoting others, so once a week I share a post of links. Most of the time, bloggers are told about the “pingback” so they know I’m sharing, but doing it this way really reduces my WP footprint. And I can still put my own spin on that particular post, anyway, so it’s still part of me.

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  7. THAT explains where all those images that aren’t mine come from! I agree with a comment above that posting the link with commentary should work just as well. Has anyone complained to WordPress about this?

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  8. I appreciate every post you have reblogged here, ladies… very much.
    As you know, I share and reblog a lot of posts… and I also post a lot of my own posts and images. I kept buying space upgrades until I decided to just upgrade my sunbscription to Premium.
    I prefer to reblog by the cut/paste and link method… that way I can control how many images go out…and try to ensure that only a portion of a post goes out so that it will encourage others to visit the original site.
    Given all the support I have had from other bloggers, sharing their work seems the least I can do. My blog has a fair following these days, and whether it is through guest posts…of which I never have enough, oddly… or through reblogs and shares, I’ll keep on doing it. x

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  9. I like your reblogs, and have come across some wonderful sites by following the links, but not so much that you have to fork out more money.
    The suggestion that you have a weekly roundup with links to the posts is a great one … or one every couple of days, because I know you reblog a lot, and a weeks worth at one time may be a bit overwhelming for someone to scroll through. 😀

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  10. I reblog selectively for just that reason–all those pictures end up in my image library, plumping it up. I’d rather save the space for my own pictures. Some of my garden posts are mostly pictures. Possible copyright violations is another issue. Sharing links with comments sounds like a plan.

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