A Walk Back in Time…


Today dawned bright and sunny, such a contrast to the grey miserable days we have been having lately.  Even though it was bloody freezing, we felt compelled to go for a walk, and we could always pick up something nice for tea on the way home.

The frozen grass crunched under our feet as we walked to town and huge clouds of steam from our mouths followed us down the road. On the way, we noticed just how many front gardens were showing signs of life, with bright green shoots bursting bravely into the winter sunshine, reminding us that Nature was already preparing to give way to Spring.

We walked around the town, looking in some of the windows, not really interested in buying anything it was just great to be out in the fresh (all though freezing ) air. Before returning home, we decided to visit the Physic Garden, one of our favourite places in Petersfield and situated just off the high street.



This garden is from an ancient time and was originally used by apothecaries to grow herbs for medicinal purposes. It is well cared for, and the complicated knot gardens are well worth seeing. They also have a collection of the oldest fruit trees I have ever seen, most of them supporting quite an array of mistletoe.

It is a walled garden and very old, one of the oldest places in our town. Most of the original planting is still going strong, some plants that we have never seen before. We tend to pop in whenever we are passing, as there is always such a lovely ambience when you walk around, almost as though time is hesitating, waiting for you to catch up…



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