My Christmas Walkabout…


The wind was howling and although it was early evening, it promised to be a wild night. It was very cold, with spots of rain/sleet in the wind.

I was determined to go out anyway. My hometown had finished putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, and I had been told they were particularly good this year.

Not sure how good my photographic skills would be, muffled up like an Eskimo, but my week thus far had been pretty dismal and I was in the mood for a bit of festive cheer.

The cold wind took my breath away the minute I stepped outside, and my eyes refused to stop watering, but it was truly magical. The only thing missing was snow. But considering our town’s history regarding snow, I didn’t really miss it. One year, it snowed so much and so quickly, we were cut off from the outside world for several days. Cars were abandoned everywhere, as conditions became treacherous and no one could get in or out by car.

A lot of snow fell that night, where usually we only get a few flakes, if anything at all. Some members of our family had to walk home from Portsmouth, some twenty miles, which took them over seven hours.

My walkabout last night was wonderful. I managed to take several photos with my new camera, using the night setting, something I had never done before. Some were a bit blurred, as I was probably shaking with the cold.

The best of all was the huge tree. Most years it has been a bit of a let down, looking more as if someone had thrown the lights and tinsel at it and missed, but this year someone with some artistic talent must have been in charge.

It was gratifying to feel that, at least in my town, everything was right with our world, even if the rest of the world was in turmoil.

And like a Victorian Christmas, all we need now are some carol singers!



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