Bonsai… my favourite hobby…

I will never tire of looking (drooling) at bonsai, so here is the latest post from Nebari Bonsai…

Trip to Eisei-en

Brian VFUncategorized December 4, 2021 1 Minute

Had a chance to spend a couple days at Eise-en in November. It had been a couple years since I was able to head up and work on trees. I took 4 up this year, a 16-year old grafted Zuisho JWP from Evergreen Gardenworks, a rare Kiyozuru cultivar of Itoigawa from Chikugo-en, and an Arakawa JBP from Telperion farms. Each unique pieces with some provenance that also needed some work done. Stay tuned for update posts on the work done. For now, here are some photos from around Bjorn’s nursery. Enjoy.

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A Bonsai post from Bonsai Sanctum

Are Bonsai Trees Hard to Keep Alive?

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Many believe that taking care of a Bonsai tree is challenging and that it requires special attention. But is it really hard to keep? Well, this article elucidates the Bonsai plant maintenance and how best to grow it. Also, if you are a beginner, you have just found the right guide to take you through the process of growing the Bonsai correctly. 

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