Appearances can be Deceiving….

When Milo was first carried into our world late one night just before Christmas, a tiny helpless kitten with the cutest smile and affectionate ways, we honestly thought he might bring a certain calmness to our lives. Something that has been missing since Merlin the magnificent passed away last summer.

I have to report that this has not been the case, not yet, anyway.

Milo is the naughtiest and fastest cat on the planet. He whizzes around the house, looking for trouble like a ninja turtle on speed. He constantly finds new ways to drive us mad, like shredding any paper or tissue he finds. He doesn’t like where we keep anything and rearranges everything. He pushes things off tables and worktops and hates the window blinds in the living room with a passion. One of these days, I expect to find them on the floor, along with all the other debris!

He is desperate to go outside and explore, but it will be a few weeks before that can happen. Besides, is our neighbourhood ready for him?

He intends to eat us out of hearth and home and finds any fingers fascinating and worth trying to catch with his claws, usually when you least expect it. But… like all young things, Milo is an angel when asleep. It’s a shame he is hell on wheels the rest of the time…

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