An Unexpected Happening…

Merlin, gone but never forgotten…

Some of you might remember Merlin, our beloved black and white cat. He was an important part of our family for 18 years, and when he suddenly passed earlier this year, it broke all our hearts.

People have often asked if we will get another cat, but we knew we would never find another Merlin. We just wanted him back…

So, we were not amused initially when our number one son came home from a Christmas party with a kitten in a travel bag. His friends knew how much he missed Merlin and thought they would give him the best present in the world.


After many angry tears, we fell in love with the kitten, who, after all, just needed to be loved. He is nine weeks old, ginger and white, with the sweetest face, and he greeted us all and walked around the house as if he had been here before.

We called him Milo, which is rather close to Merlin’s name, but the name stuck. He is very affectionate and has explored every inch of the house, choosing his places. I just know he will be ruling the roost in no time at all.

We have wondered about reincarnation, as Milo has very similar actions and preferences to our Merlin. He looks nothing like Merlin, though and has one habit we have never encountered before. He farts!

He can clear the room, and we hope this is just a kitten thing and will eventually stop. Just goes to show that you never know what will happen…

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