Dancing with the Devil… #Fiction #Poetry

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

The devil is messing with my words
Changing the content, the meaning
Stripping my soul, searching for more
He is trying to bleed me dry
I can’t hide, he has my number
He tells me my time is running out
I am looking for a sign to save myself
A way to hide my written words
from the fork tailed one
Am I meant to write something to please him?
To compliment him. Does he feel misunderstood
As many of us are?
I felt a great force shoot me forward
as if shot from a cannon
He was impatient for me to begin
I chose my words with care
Once upon a time, he lived among the angels
The favourite son of God
I felt the air in the room shift
The cold had been replaced 
with a warmth I remembered
So I continued to write the devil out of my life
Keeping hold of my soul…


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