A Haunted WIP Wednesday?

Have you ever been haunted by a book?

One you are actually trying to write.

After struggling to finish this story for what seems like an awfully long time, I just seem to be digging myself a bigger hole to hide in.

I have made so many mistakes with Ghost of a Chance, and I don’t think it has much to do with the state of the world or the health problems we are still dealing with. Although to be fair, it might…

This is the first time I have ever created the cover before ever picking up a pen, and when I look at it now, it sends icy shivers all down my back. That evil face glares at me, and I swear he wants me to crawl away somewhere and die.

This, of course, is silly.

I created that cover and the antagonist on it, so why am I having so much trouble writing every page he appears on?

Ghost of a Chance is Book Four of the DI Snow Series, the one that follows the story of Snow’s awful ordeal of being shot with a crossbow in CrossFire.

Detective mysteries are my thing, writing a haunted mystery was nowhere in my head, and if writing them means I get haunted by the ghosts involved, I think I will give them a miss in the future.

This new story is supposed to be about Snow going back to work (or not?) Mending his marriage (or not?) Pastures new and new cases to solve, all those things. How a ghost found its way into the mix still baffles me, but I owe it to Snow to solve the puzzle.

Never one to walk (or run) away from a challenge, I need to lay this ghost, if that’s what he is, and hopefully before the end of the year, for we have plans for 2022…

Have I finally lost my marbles? I would love to know what you think…

10 thoughts on “A Haunted WIP Wednesday?

  1. Sounds like another day in the challenging world of writing.
    Sometimes you work out this character as a figure, maybe a sketch or maybe quite deeply constructed. And that appears perfectly workable to you because you only visit them occasionally.
    Then you get down to the serious writing of the story they are in, and you have to live with them, as it were. You find the character is intruding, or maybe irritating, disturbing or annoying you. They can be evil types, smug types or even peppy quirky folk (the latter can be nails down a blackboard if not controlled).
    Sometimes they are major players which can be bad enough, but other times they are support folk who keep sneaking out into the narrative and threatening to take hold thus disrupting the balancing of the story. Occasionally if they are strong but positive characters they do tend to take over and haul you along, which if you are at ease with the new direction, is not so bad.
    I’ve literally killed off a few and had to ‘switch tack’ to ensure the book reaches the port I intended it to go.
    It’s not you, it’s the characters and the weight of the narrative, like the forces of the sea and wind, your challenge is to navigate.
    Best wishes.
    Strive on to steer your craft to port

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  2. I love this post, Jaye. First, let me comment on the cover. You did a fabulous job of portraying evil. I feel the same chills you mention. Sometimes the stories we write take a while to germinate and that could be the case with this one. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Best wishes!

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