#BlogBattle ~ Abstract ~ #Poetry

June #BlogBattle: Abstract

Odds and sods, bits, and bobs
Throw them together
like the sherbet bits of my brain
What do you get?
A kaleidoscope look at life
A fantasy in colour
Stripes, cubes, dots, whatever you fancy
Throw all your colours at the canvas
Watch as they mix, making their own self portrait
A strange sea to drown yourself in
Dip your toe in, watch the colours rush up your leg
Turn you into a striped candy stick of rock
Now that’s my idea of abstract
Anything you like if it relates to the odd…

© Anita Dawes 2021

9 thoughts on “#BlogBattle ~ Abstract ~ #Poetry

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  2. Delightful! x

    I am not ‘just me’…
    I am a hand.maiden to Mother Nature,
    a fellow artist of Degas and Matisse..
    The best mate of a comedian – only the funny ones…
    A kaleidoscope of emotions and colour,
    ordinary and special.
    Lover of animals and of people.
    I am everyone and anyone

    Joy xx.

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