4 thoughts on “Tears…

  1. This is a very interesting ne. How strange that this should appear right now. I had just been emailing my priest friend who has been talking with me about my mother’s death last year at this time, as we have been talking about tears. I cannot cry. Tears were banned in my family. So henhas been trying to get me to cry. I meet with him tomorrow, and he isn hoping that the tears will finally come. The email I had just finished writing to him was about my family and my inability to shed tears. I went straight to my yahoo emails after that, and this was the very top one. With just the word “tears.” I could not readbthe actualvwords onbthe meme, with being blind. Things on coloured things do not show up to me. But I eventually managed to read them. How interesting. . Thankyoun for this post.


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