My Favourite Things… Lightning…


The Power of Lightning

One of my most favourite things has to be a good thunderstorm. Throughout my life, I have experienced so many, it would be hard to pick the best one. Like most of Nature’s gifts to us, there can be no favourites, as they are all so wonderful.

When I was a child, it was impressed upon me how dangerous they were. I was never to go near a window, or even look at a storm. Never to pick up a telephone, or God forbid, actually go outdoors. None of which, of course, had any effect on me, except to probably make me want to do all of these things all the more.

Something about the distant rumble of thunder has me counting the miles, desperate for it to travel to where I am. I love to watch the show, go out in the rain and get soaking wet, even though it could be dangerous. I just have to try to be a part of it.

A while ago, in the middle of a storm, it appeared to be moving away, so I opened the back door for a better idea of what was happening. Just at that moment, a huge bolt of lightning hit a nearby tree, barely yards from where I was standing. The force of it nearly blew the door off its hinges!

But was I scared?  Was I heck…

I love the power and beauty of a storm, the smell of electricity in the air. The way the sky seems to glow with violet light, the searing white shards that chase their way to earth.

It always ends too soon, though, leaving me disappointed.

I will always remember the storms of my childhood, and maybe it is my imagination, but didn’t they seem to last longer then? I would lie in my bed at night, listening to the thunder, the world washed so clean in the morning…

My favourite Lightning song…

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  1. I live in the lightening storm capital of Canada. (Who knew?!) So I can really appreciate this post! I feel the same way. Mother Nature has a wonderful way of reminding us who is really in charge. I bow to Her power.✨💫

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  2. I have always loved storms and used to wrap in a blanket and watch them from the doorstep as a child. I love being up on the moors in a good storm… even though that is probably not the safest place..but the power of them around you … 🙂

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  3. I, also love thunderstorms. I still respect them, but my favorite thing is to have a thunderstorm approach on a hot humid day. I’ll sit on a covered porch in an old rocking chair. Of course, my loyal dog, Chase is by my side. He’s afraid, but he’ll stay calm, as long as I keep a gentle hand on his head. Soon, I’ll hear the patter of a few raindrops on the porch roof. Before long, a deluge will start, along with streaks of lightning and the rumble of thunder. Afterward, the temperature has dropped, the air smells cool, and clear, and nature seems to have taken a long, cool drink of water. Thanks for letting me relive some wonderful memories.

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  4. When I lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on the Canadian prairies, in the 1980s, one of the first signs of a thunderstorm coming was static on the radio. I remember counting the seconds between lightning flashes and thunder to figure out how close the strike was. And yes, the post-storm smell of the air was wonderful. Living now on Vancouver Island, where thunderstorms are rare. Thanks for evoking these memories so vividly.

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