Four Seasons: Summer


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Summer is here, calling you to tend the garden, should you be lucky enough to have one. If not, the parks are full of new blooms, new things to see maybe for the first time. It could be that Spring renews the way we see things. We spot something and wonder why we didn’t give it much thought before.

Summer is a time for holidays, or staying at home, put your feet up and catch up on things left undone. Long walks, going to the park, holding hands with someone you love. No need to talk, you are one with each other. Remember these moments when life sticks a pin in your balloon.

As for myself, I love spotting all the tiny growths on neighbouring garden walls, the little pink and white flowers that make me smile as I pass by.

Anita Dawes 2018

2 thoughts on “Four Seasons: Summer

  1. Gardening has taught me that I have to notice things (flowers, birds, colours, patterns, etc.) and really look at them while they’re there. In gardens (and nature) things are always changing. If you wait too long, it’s gone. (But of course there’s always something new).

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