#Writephoto: Pinnacle

Today, I have beaten Anita to Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto entry!  This mysterious castle just called me and I couldn’t help myself!




Frozen Pinnacle

The air was so cold my lungs screamed with every breath and I had lost all feeling in my feet a while ago. Something I was grateful for, as they too had been in agony from the intense cold.

My breath seemed to hang in the air, inches from my face, the moisture rendered heavy enough to linger. I wanted to stop, to stand still and watch what would happen. Would my frozen breath drop to the ground like human snow?

However, I would not stop, not yet.

The snowy castle spires were visible now, appearing above the frozen trees as I drew closer. Each step became harder, every breath more painful. My thoughts scattering like snowflakes.

Defeat was visible now too, and I wondered if anyone would find me, a frozen statue still gazing at the distant destination…


©JayeMarie 2018https://scvincent.com/2018/05/24/thursday-photo-prompt-turrets-writephoto/

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