Cup of Tea, Anyone?



I didn’t want to go shopping, but I needed a loaf of bread, and I had used the last of my antacid medication. Yesterday was a nightmare. I was fine right up until lunchtime, and then the giddiness and nausea began. This is happening with sickening regularity lately, and I just have to take the antacids and wait it out.

My head still felt a bit weird when I woke up this morning, but most of the nausea seemed to have gone. I tried to talk myself out of the trip to the shops, but common sense prevailed. It was a lovely day, and I could see all my favourite blossom trees on the way to Waitrose.

When I reached Waitrose, it seemed the world and his wife were there before me, but I smiled as I passed them all, queuing at every till, and made my way to the self-service tills. Technology is slow to be taken up, here in Petersfield, it seems.  As much as I hate learning anything new, I am so glad I managed to grasp the fundamentals, and it really wasn’t that difficult. I am so glad I did, as I don’t have to queue anymore.

That was when I saw it. A rather large, wirework cup and saucer, big enough for a giant to use, with delicate ornate openwork. I decided on the spot that it would look sensational in my back yard this summer. The only trouble was, it needed a pot plant of some kind to put in it. I looked around and spotted a deep pink pelargonium, “guaranteed to bloom all summer” it said on the label.

As I made my way home through the car park, several people commented on how lovely my cup and saucer looked, so not only had I cheered myself up, I had spread a little of my joy to others!


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