We have recently run our third FREE Kindle Promotion on another one of Anita’s books, and again it was nothing much to write home about. The first, for Scarlet Ribbons received 36 downloads. The second, for Bad Moon, received 27. This one, for Simple, received 22. Nothing earth shattering as you can see.

Just about had it now with KDP. We gave it a try, again, but we think we might be going back to Smashwords and all that goes with it as soon as possible. And we’re not the only ones! Read Suzanne Rogerson’s post on the subject here.

Not that we did any better on Smashwords either, but we did get loads of free downloads. Which we thought was the way to get us known!

It could just be about being restricted to one outlet. We just don’t like it.

We are also revamping some of our covers. Basically, all the ones we don’t like any more. For they say that if you’re not getting anywhere, change a few things.

I have also just finished the last book in my murder mystery series, and once the editing is done, I will be running a promotion for them all. Either one at a time, or all together, not sure which would be better.

While book three is resting (this is to get it out of my head prior to the edit) I am reading through book two again, as I want to make a significant change to the ending. I am using the Hemingway system to check for any howlers that might have made it past my beta reader. I am actually using a spare paperback copy of book two for the read through, and it is making the job so much better than using a print out.  Easier to hold, for a start.

Hemingway is a very clever piece of kit. It highlights all your bad habits in different colours. See screenshot.


I was amazed the first time I used it. I had cut and pasted three chapters of book two into it, and the screen lit up like a Christmas tree. All my hard to read sentences, passive sentences, complicated words and those horrible adverbs, all highlighted for my perusal and subsequent removal or alteration. Well worth the small amount of money it cost, as I seem to be getting either lazy or stupid in my old age!

And don’t all rush to agree with me!






4 thoughts on “PROGRESS REPORT x two

  1. Interesting about KDP. I’m early in my trail with them, but definitely underwhelmed. I think I have to sole-source to them for six months, then I’ll look at other options. .

    I like Hemingway. I ended up with a program called AutoCrit that is quite similar and completely embarrassing to me everytime I run my writing through it. But isn’t that the point?

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