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I was sitting in my back garden. Twice this week I had promised to cut the grass, but my mind was away with the fairies. Wishing I were young again, back on dad’s old farm.

Being midsummer, I wasn’t expecting a freak wind to be pulling at my clothes, tugging at my mind and urging me to find something new. As usual, I sat there and did nothing, telling myself I was too old for new adventures.

How many times had I said no to friends when they asked me to join them on some weekend trip? Even after all this time, I wondered what I might have missed.

Rising from my favourite deck chair, I dragged the mower out of the shed and started to cut the grass, knowing Jack would be pleased when he came home from his weekend away. Later that night, I put on the old wrap my mother had knitted, took a glass of wine and went out to the garden. I sat waiting for the sky to darken.

I watched as the new moon made an appearance, then the first star. The darker it became, the more stars I could see. I was picking out some of the constellations that I knew when I noticed a shooting star. I had forgotten that tonight was the time to see the Perseid meteor shower.

I lay there letting these falling stars take me on an adventure, places my physical body would never let me go. That night I travelled to exotic lands that my feet would never touch. Later, lying alone in our bed, I decided I was not too old to visit new places. Rome, the pyramids, even the Taj Mahal was on my list. I fell asleep thinking how surprised Jack would be when I told him. He had asked me so many times to go somewhere nice, that it would make a change from walking away on his own twice a month.

Jack never made it home that weekend. Someone hit his car, sending it off the road. All the things I wanted to tell him stuck like a knife in my heart. I had left it too late.

A year later I booked my first trip away to Rome, the first place Jack had wanted to take me. It was everything he said it would be and more, and as I felt his hand in mine, the knife in my heart fell away…

Anita Dawes 2018

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I remember when you lay beside me, your touch, soft as silk, the sting of love on your lips.

I wish everyone could live with the same peace we have found with each other.

If I could fly, I would fly around the world and gather all the lonely people and have them live on our little island, or at least beside us on our empty strip of land.

That was when I wrote the wish, placing it in our trunk for safekeeping.

If I could save one lonely person, the wish will have come true.

Now I feel only the chill, the grief at having lost you.

Deaths cruel hand took you away too soon

Now I say let the world go whistle, I care not for the lonely

For I am now one of them…


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The dusty street where Sarah lived was being washed clean by today’s rain.

She had chosen this village, this street, having been told she would find the peace and quiet she had been longing for.

As a shy yet brilliant writer, the small house seemed the same, shy, forgotten. A perfect fit. Sarah thought she could work well there. Thoughts rippled through her mind, leading her to a new idea.

Being shy from an early age had left Sarah on the outside and alone for most of her life. She had heard people whisper about her, mistaking her shyness for snobbery. She wished she could blend in the way other people did. How could she tell them of her longing to be like other people, to laugh, to go out dancing. She had been asked in the past, but always refused.

The lilting sound of rain on the window added to the thoughts already growing in her mind. She would yield to them, write them in her new novel.

As she was about to move from the window to start working, she caught sight from the corner of her eye, the brilliant speckled breast of a thrush. And Toby, her neighbour’s cat about to give chase.

To Sarah, this was the life outside her window. She picked up her pen and waited for the new words to begin, to tell people all about the shy young woman behind the rain-spattered window…

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I shall not refrain from wandering through new worlds

Beyond the Universe

My skin and bones, like stones and shells, gathered from some distant sea.

Am I bound by shame?

Must I always walk in the shade, my guilt a weight too heavy to carry?

I must find a place to lay it down, to pass it on

Allow it to twine with another soul.

Let them carry my burden a while.

In my heart, I know the soul I am thinking of

For we were bound by an invisible skein from birth.

No judge’s wig can sentence me more than I have myself.

I must keep searching for a way to set us both free…