Is This a Problem?

I noticed something very odd when I visited recently.

For some reason, none of our books are available in kindle format.

After several attempts at getting an answer from KDP and/or, I started looking at other authors books, only to find they are all in the same boat. This does not happen on BTW, everything seems fine there.

I have been assured that our kindle books are indeed available on, but how can this be, when it is impossible to actually buy one?

I am hoping that someone somewhere can explain this to me. I mean, must I publish our books to each Amazon site, even though they are supposed to be available everywhere if you have selected “All Territories” when publishing them?

12 thoughts on “Is This a Problem?

  1. Hi Jaye, as someone else has said if you have a US or Canadian IP address you can buy the Kindle books no problem.. Amazon may be global but their main online bookstores are individually run because of VAT and Tax issues etc. As an author living in Ireland I cannot upload a print book for sale because they say I need to register for VAT even though VAT is not applicable on books in Ireland. It is fine if I do a print version through Amazon. So don’t worry your books are available to buy at all the Amazon bookstores in Kindle including Canada, Ausralia, Germany, India etc. xx

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